Voodoo Loons Guarantee Their Free Album Is Better Than U2's Free Album


So have you heard Songs of Innocence, the new U2 album that Apple spammed 500 million iTunes accounts with?  Look, we have tremendous respect for U2, they've made a ton of great music, and their tours are unbelievable.  But spamming a half billion folks with this album???  Get real.  In all honesty, The Criminal Ear is a better album.  Sounds better, songs are better... but we don't get to send it out to millions of people.  So here's what we're doing:  Download the album for free (unless you'd rather pay, in which case you pick your price).  If you agree that our album is better than theirs, please share it far and wide.  Send your friends the link, post it on your social media, help us spread the word.  We're a little grassroots band and we need the help.  On the other hand, if you disagree and think U2's album is better, we'll give you your money back.  If you got it for free, Dennis will eat a bug.  That's right... tell us why U2's album is better, and Dennis will post a video on YouTube of him eating a bug. 


Download the album here.


You'll need to pick your price.  If you want it for free enter $0.  If you prefer to buy your music and support the band, well we thank you very much and you can choose whatever amount you'd like. You'll also need to provide an email address so if you end up prefering the U2 album (you won't, but just in case you do...) we can confirm your purchase (or that you got it free and Denny eats a bug). 


Listen to it.  Get to know it.  Love it...


We think you'll love The Criminal Ear.  We love it.  There's a lot about it to love. But let's say, hypothetically, that it's not your thing.  Let's say, hypothetically, that you prefer U2's Songs of Innocence... the way it sounds like Bono fronting Coldplay, the songs with no hooks, the lack of cool Edge guitar parts and the fact that Bono doesn't give the rest of the band even 10 seconds to jam on their own without him crooning on top of them.  Anyway, if that actually happens send us an email or comment on our Facebook page and let us know.  Tell us why you like their album better and we'll return your money.  Or if you downloaded if for free Dennis will post a video of him eating a bug for you.  It's that simple. 


If you dig it, share it.  Help us spread the word.


The whole point here is that we honestly think we have the better album, but we're just a little independent grassroots band, and U2 is the biggest band in the world.  We can't compete against Apple sending U2's album to 500 million people... but if you agree our album is better, you can help us at least make a dent.  Share it with your friends.  Post the link on your social networks.  Tell people to check it out.  Maybe, just maybe, we could do something cool here.  If not, Dennis will eat a bug.