DEC 7 '19 BILL & DENNIS EACH WORKING ON NEW RELEASES, DENNIS' NATIONAL GREAT BREWERY TOUR CONTINUES THROUGH 2020 - Bill and Dennis are both currently in studios recording their own separate projects.  Bill is working on the second album from his McCarthy Union album.  Word is he's going for a big rock sound, and no details yet on a release date.  You can find the first McCarthy Union album hereDennis is working on a solo release of new songs.  He describes the project as being a more stripped down release than anybody's heard in years, literally just him on an acoustic guitar, playing and singing the songs in one take, with no overdubs, backing vocals, etc.  Dennis is planning to release the project in January, coinciding with the start of the 2020 edition of his national Great Brewery Tour, which will kick off in Austin, TX on January 10.  Tour details can be found at 



JAN 21 DENNIS LAUNCHES NEW WEBSITE FOR GREAT BREWERY TOUR - Due to the ongoing success of Dennis' national tour of craft breweries, he has launched a brand new website dedicated to the tour.  The site serves as a hub for info about the tour (which will continue throughout 2020), his nightly post-show blogs about the breweries and their beers, info on the breweries themselves, and tour merchandise.  A podcast is coming soon, where Dennis will interview brewers with particularly interesting stories about how they came to start and grow their breweries.  Sign up now to be notified when the tour will be in your area! 



AUG 7 DENNIS O'HAGAN SOLO DATES!!! - After a long hiatus, Dennis is finally playing solo shows again.  You can catch him around Cincy, or catch his Great Brewery Tour, which plays craft breweries all over the U.S..  Keep your eye on the events page here, as well as on these other sources:


For booking information, please see Dennis' EPK at:




MAR 15 VOODOO LOONS GO ON HIATUS -  Due to a family illness, the Loons regret to announce the band will be on hiatus for at least the remainder of 2015.  A big THANKS to everyone for all your support, and we hope to get rolling again as soon as possible.  The months following the release of the last album have been great, we played some great shows, the album got great reviews, and our only regret is that we now have to pause the momentum while we attend to personal issues.  Thanks again, and see ya soon.




OCT 1 FALL TOUR 2014, NEW YORK & NEW ENGLAND -  The band regrets to announce that due to a family illness the October tour of New York and New England has been canceled.  We hope to schedule new dates ASAP.  Thank you for your understanding. ~VL


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