"There aren't many who can match the enticingly dark, edgy and wonderfully engaging musical storytelling of Voodoo Loons.  Lyrically, the storytelling aspect of the Loons' material is most evident in tracks like "Nothing Happens in Wexford," the deliciously macabre "In a Locket" and "Jesus Cut His Hair" - a song that speaks to the artist and dreamer inside all of us - and that is the magic of the songwriting. The themes are deeply insightful yet universal. Even if we haven't experienced some of these events personally, the language is so precisely chosen that we can't help but find a little piece of ourselves in the story." - Jim Nolan, WVXU, NPR


"The CD sounds great... a great new band, if you get the chance go see them... I've added the [Unabashedly] Political Song and Emerald to the Sirius database and playing them on Celtic Crush...  Great stuff" - Larry Kirwan, Black 47 founder, host, Sirius XM Satellite Radio, New York City


“Delicate Flower,” is a swaying, swaggering track with a spooky vibe reminiscent of some of Greg Dulli’s best work.  Voodoo Loons’ debut album, 2008’s Euphobia, was lauded for its solid blend of diverse influences and The Criminal Ear shows how that mix, the songwriting and the overall performances and production have been sharpened and refined over the intervening years. It’s not just the diversity that makes The Criminal Ear a thoroughly entertaining start-to-finish listen; the material is also top notch." - Mike Breen, CityBeat Magazine, Cincinnati


"The variety within Euphobia gives the feeling that each song has been meticulously crafted as opposed to just thrown together so that the band can rock out. This is an artist’s rock n’ roll band." - Jon Ostro, MicControl, Boston


"Chris Hooks (bass) and Bill McCarthy (percussion) maintain an understated rhythm section as an alter-ego to the rich melodies of O’Hagan’s guitar and vocals. Fans of Frank Black, Lou Barlow and Jeff Tweedy need to buy this record. Now.  A remarkable album from a remarkably talented band." – Mark Lefebvre, Scurvy Dog Radio, Portsmouth, NH


"A great mix of rock and roll and a traditional Celtic folk sound stemming from the vocals and rhythms. The clash of old and new, rock and folk makes the band unique and offers something great for listeners looking for a new sound."  -Collin Kleinman, Southbay Magazine, Los Angeles


"What we have here is a conscious plan to create an agitated state of sound that fits the band’s lyrical message, and Chris and the fellows have pulled it off with precision, energy and conviction."  - Marty Peters, Recording Magazine


"Voodoo Loons have blended a multitude of influences across genres to capture a unique sound of their own.  The Loons borrow sounds from traditional folk roots, psychedelic rock, funk, and strong overtones of early REM-style college rock... their musical appeal is as far stretching as their apparent influences."  - John Meyer, Music Reviewer, New York


"Whether you’re on board with their message or not, Voodoo Loons’ rock will surely hook you. Be afraid of the government, by all means. But do not fear the rock." - Kris Larson, Online Rock, San Francisco




DENNIS O'HAGAN - guitars/vox 

honorable mention:  MARK DALY - mandolin